Dance is my big hobby, and here in New York, a year ago, I discovered a dance that’s just right for me, as well as a great community of people 💃

The dance is called Fusion 🤩

I regularly attend events and workshops organized by Arielle and Brendon @thepearlingprinciple, @the.arielle.filter.

That’s how it happened that I started planning a joint exhibition with Arielle, who is also an artist. But how do you get paintings to a dance event in a studio where there is little light and no way to hang the paintings? 🧐

We came up with a projection! 🚀

I am absolutely thrilled about how the initially less-than-ideal circumstances sparked our creativity. Arielle creates watercolor paintings, often painting directly during the dance event, and I paint and draw emotions and experiences from dance in the studio. So how do we connect different approaches, styles, and colors? At first, I tried to align all outputs to similar color schemes.

Artwork by Arielle, digitally adjusted by me.

I felt that it wasn’t quite right. After consulting with Arielle, I decided to add a bit more color. I also want to thank Arielle for trusting me to make radical digital adjustments to her work 😊

Artificial intelligence in Photoshop sped up the editing process—for example, I needed to convert portrait images into landscape format for creating a wide-angle video.

Eventually, I created a slow-motion video that merged our creations into one whole. Just as we look for ways to connect with each other while dancing. Thank you for the collaboration, and I look forward to the next one.💚🩷💜

I used my own “LSD” typeface, which I created many years ago. 🤣
Artwork by Arielle, digitally adjusted by me.