I had an amazing time speaking at TypeThursday in New York in January! The community provided such great feedback on my work, and I am thrilled to have been able to share my passion for calligraphy and lettering 🔥 ✍

Organizers Mirko Velimirovic and Anselm Dästner

For example, I didn't realize just how beautiful the Czech language is and how special diacritics are. I naturally incorporate them significantly in my calligraphy/lettering 😅

I created a collection of calligraphic greeting cards printed by letterpress, one of which is called "Blahopřání". The Czech word "Blahopřání" means wishing someone bliss. (Blaho = bliss, přání = wishes) And the sound of this word is very cozy 🤗

You can see more cards from my collection of greeting cards and notebooks printed by letterpress here.

Since 2016, I've also been fascinated by Japanese Calligraphy. For example, I wanted to express the word "The ocean" (海) in Japanese. Initially, I tried to express it using ink and different types of brushes. Two years later, I recreated it using oil colors and spray paint, and I am more satisfied with the result than before 🌊

The painting 'The Ocean' on the wall is bigger than the original. I love it.

I wrote about the calligraphy process 4 years ago here.

The power of the ocean, 2021
size 35.4 × 23.6 inches (90 × 60 cm)
technique: oil paints + spray paints
number of layeres: many
tools: brush, finger, broom, rag, knife…

While I know the painting is eye-catching, what's most important to me is the process of creating it and my feelings about the work. I am always happy to share my knowledge and receive feedback.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event, and a special thanks to 📸 Fabio Tridenti for capturing these awesome photos!

Book about Japanese calligraphy which I wrote and designed. Here I am speaking with Japanese designer Masahiro Naruse.